Mumbai Streetstyle and Writers Dreams…

by Elsa Termenon on May 16, 2011

Today the Swedish online magazine Sydasien is featuring an interview I’ve done with the Indian streetstyle blogger Manou – you can read it here. It is in Swedish though so if you’re not a Swede I strongly suggest you to go directly to Manous blog to check out his work. I’ve blogged about him before [...]


Barbour Jackets

by Elsa Termenon on May 15, 2011

When I was strolling around in Vitoria last Tuesday I coincidently passed a Barbour shop and got in to check their jackets. I was instantly reminded that this 100-year old British brand really makes some of the coolest, high quality and weather proof jackets out there. It’s basically a jacket that will never go out [...]


Streetstyle Favorites

by Elsa Termenon on March 8, 2011

The excitement of the fashion weeks all over the world is for me just as much, if not more, about the streetstyle. I love when the fashion weeks are coming to an end and the streestyle blogs are filled up with amazing looks from fashion savvy people from around the world! I so easily get [...]


India Street Style II

by Elsa Termenon on September 21, 2010

I can’t tell you guys how much I adore the photography of the indian street style blogger Manou. He does such a brilliant job depicting the street style of India in his blog Wear about India. I have mentioned it before but I thought I’d just remind you to bookmark his blog again if you [...]


Heading for Småland

by Elsa Termenon on August 3, 2010

My friend Johanna sent me these photos today, they’re taken on her vacation in Småland, close to where I’m from. First of all, this girl has such a unique style that never stops to inspire me. She is also my BFF and I miss her like crazy! Secondly, these pictures make me long for my [...]


Festival Style

by Elsa Termenon on June 22, 2010

1. Ryan Kirkpatrick and Elise Deitch 2. Elizabeth Cook Finally I’m here, in Kalmar, Sweden and god it’s good to be back! Now we have 10 days leading up to the Big day and I am afraid this might turn into somehting of a wedding blog during these 10 days. After that I promise to [...]


Summer Inspiration

by Elsa Termenon on May 20, 2010

60s hair styles Crochetted top and flares Stripes at Chanel Resort 2011 anything white Florals Floppy hats Click the picture to go to the image source Thought I’d share some of my pictures from my “Summer Inspiration folder”. More to come soon!


Street Style Aesthetic

by Elsa Termenon on May 15, 2010

These inspirational shots come from one of my favorite Street Style blogs: Street Style Aesthetic by the talanted photographerWayne Tippetts. I like his photography because it really captures the diversity of great style. So many of the western street style blogs are turning into showing the same trends, exact same 7 inch heels. When I look [...]


Passing Stranger

by Elsa Termenon on May 7, 2010

It’s so inspiring to be in Manhattan, it always just gives me that boost of creativity. I think it’s because it’s the ultimate mix of people: different nationalities, cultures, languages, way of living, dreams and thoughts, all in one place. The esthetic mix is like a kaleidoscope, the colors, patterns and mix is just endless. [...]


India Street Style

by Elsa Termenon on April 20, 2010

I have during a long time been in search of a great blog featuring Indian Street Style. Sure there’s the European or American versions, but I just find myself longing for something more alternative. Today I discovered a blog called Wear About India that seem to be exactly what I’m looking for! Yay!!

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