One years ago in India

by Elsa Termenon on October 10, 2011

Today, exactly one year ago, I was just about to board a 15 hour flight from New York to New Delhi to spend a month on my own in India, my dear India. For those of you who are new to this blog, you might not know this obsession and complete love that I have [...]


Pink is the navy blue of India

by Elsa Termenon on September 3, 2011

One of my odd interest is to look at old family portraits from India and save my favorites in a folder. Yes I know it might sound completely weird but I just find them so beautiful and I always make up my own small story of the persons in the photograph. This page is like [...]


Memories from India

by Elsa Termenon on August 2, 2011

These days, when I’ve been at my parents house I’ve been enjoying looking at some old photos from my childhood. We have also seen some video clips from when I was around 8 years old, as well as photos from journeys we’ve done. My family has always been traveling a lot and I have so [...]


The last three books I’ve read

by Elsa Termenon on May 21, 2011

These are the last three books I read. I love to read books by Indian authors or with a story that takes place in India and I collect these kind of books as well. Most of them are unfortunately stored in Sweden which is a shame, my dream is to one day have all my [...]


My Top 4 Relaxing Spots in the World

by Elsa Termenon on April 30, 2011

Sometimes I dream back to some of the places I have traveled to. Some places has certainly made a stronger impressions than others. Here are four incredible places that has the strange power of making me completely relaxed (which is not that easily done ; ) 1. The Indian Countryside. They way I feel on [...]


India Trip #6

by Elsa Termenon on April 13, 2011

In October 2005 I went to India for the 6th time in my life. I was going to spend more than two months in Mumbai, but started the trip in the north by going to one of my favorite cities in India – Amritsar (in Punjab). In Amritsar you have to visit the Golden Temple, [...]


Drama, Songs and Dancing

by Elsa Termenon on April 11, 2011

Ever since I went to Bombay in 2004 with my friend Johanna to work in the film industry, which I have written about here, I have been completely hooked to so called Bollywood movies! They are dramatic, beautiful, colorful, intensive, three hours most likely and very addictive. After 2004 it actually went at least a [...]


Pink Visions in India

by Elsa Termenon on April 6, 2011

After my trip to India in October last year I returned with several hundreds of photos. I can barely take a step in India without being amazed by the beauty that surrounds me and snap a shot of it, whatever it might be. It can be basically anything, from a cute monkey to a especially [...]


Sangam Dance Unlimited

by Elsa Termenon on March 17, 2011

When I was a student at the University in Stockholm I was having troubles, like all students, to make ends meet. I needed extra cash… at the same time I wanted to give my studies all my focus. After working in the Bollywood industry in Mumbai as a background dancer and an extra, I had [...]



by Elsa Termenon on March 1, 2011

The Swedish magazine Sydasien, who has been dedicated to report news about India and its neighboring countries since 1977, has for long only been available though subscriptions. Now however, the magazine has been reborn into an online magazine accessible for everyone and it’s looking great! I just wanted to let my Swedish readers know that [...]

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