Vintage navajo poncho

by Elsa Termenon on February 26, 2012

Earlier today after a nice brunch and a walk in the sunshine we passed a vintage store I’ve never seen before and almost immediately I found this vintage navajo poncho. I love the color combination, it can really make any simple outfit so much more boholicious and colorful! Yes this poncho really had my name [...]


Hat trick

by Elsa Termenon on November 7, 2011

There’s no other accessory that can so drastically change a look like a great hat, it’s a little bit like magic. I can’t think of an accessory more powerful to be honest. I’m a hat gal for sure – see my own collection here. A great hat completes your look in every season – a [...]

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Burgundy & Blue

by Elsa Termenon on October 5, 2011

A new season is here, a chill is in the air even though the sun is still shining. Finally it’s cool enough to layer up in hats and scarves and to switch that neon manicure to a darker shade. I love how fall makes me wear more accessories, it’s just so much fun to play [...]


The perfect felt fedora

by Elsa Termenon on August 30, 2011

There’s nothing I’d want more right now than to get my hands on one of these Gucci felt fedoras. I can’t think of anything that completes a look more in fall and winter than a nice fedora. As you know I love my black fedora to death, but I wouldn’t mind having one in a [...]


My red vintage dress

by Elsa Termenon on June 20, 2011

My astrologer in India told me that I needed to wear more red, it was apparently the best color for my personality and I can’t disagree – red has always been one of my favorite colors. It makes me happy! So with that in mind I wore this red vintage dress on Saturday when we were [...]


By the Railroad Tracks

by Elsa Termenon on May 1, 2011

Today we spent the day in Lambertville, New Jersey, a village with a huge antique market and countless vintage and antique stores (which I have blogged about several times before). I will show you more of our day soon, but for now I’ll just show you what I wore. I think I changed my outfit [...]



by Elsa Termenon on April 14, 2011

No, spring and summer can’t be all white and colorful. I have to admit that I prefer wearing black in the summer over doing so in winter. Winter is just so dark and gloomy anyway, it doesn’t need more black. But in the summer, when you have a light tan and feel in a happy [...]


My Hats

by Elsa Termenon on April 3, 2011

There’s just nothing I love more than to finish of my outfit with a hat! I have realized that I have quite a few by now, and I think I’m pretty good at wearing them all. Sure, I’ve had months were I have got stuck wearing the same hat over and over again but usually [...]


Saturday Casual

by Elsa Termenon on March 8, 2011

Saturday was one of those lazy weekend days when I was simply lounging around the house doing nothing but reading the newspaper and relaxing on the sofa. This is what I wore. Simple, casual and comfy – exactly how I want to be around the house. I barely left the house the whole day, until [...]


Tuesday in Madrid

by Elsa Termenon on January 25, 2011

Today our embassy visit pretty much took up our whole day so we didn’t do much besides enjoying a long and delicious breakfast buffĂ© at our hotel and to wander around in the Barrio de Chueca in the morning. So in lack of photos from my day I thought I’d at least show you what [...]

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