Black & White

by Elsa Termenon on October 16, 2011

This little black and white outfit is what I wore on Friday night going out for a dinner at our favorite french bistro. This style is a bit unusual for me in two ways: I rarely go for an all black and white outfit (I adore color!) and I rarely go for a “boyish” silhouette (I live [...]


In the mood for fall

by Elsa Termenon on August 23, 2011

Even though it’s technically still summer here and you can’t even wear a sweater without overheating it hasn’t stopped me from dreaming about fall. I think fall is my favorite season of the year! I have made some new mood boards over at Pinterest and this little collage is a taste of one of them [...]


Miss Bumblebee

by Elsa Termenon on August 21, 2011

I’ve realized that most of my outfit posts are daywear so I thought I’d show you an evening look for a change. So, this is how I looked when we headed out for a dinner at a cozy wine bar and later on to a house party yesterday evening. The striped little 60′s dress is [...]


Sweat and the City

by Elsa Termenon on July 4, 2011

I just came back home from the most relaxing and fun long weekend in New York! What if every weekend could be like this? We’ve been moving from roof top to roof top lounging by the pool side at the Soho House and enjoying some nice dinners and cocktails at our favorite places around town. [...]


Fancy Stuff I like

by Elsa Termenon on January 22, 2011

Just some random really fancy stuff that I think is to die for right now! That leather hat from Free People – Mmmm, I could easily live the whole spring in that one! And for those of you who can wear really high heels – how cool aren’t these burgundy suede wedges? I hope you’re [...]

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Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

by Elsa Termenon on November 15, 2010

An editorial that really caught my eye was this 60′s inspired one called “What Happened to Baby Jen?” from Contributor Magazine (fall/winter 2010). The make up here is just so fierce! What if I could learn how to do that 60′s eye make up? Anyone know where to even begin? Any tips or tricks for [...]


Bee hives, saris and golden hair

by Elsa Termenon on September 13, 2010

Once in a while I do these collages out of magazine tears etc. This weekend I did this one which I filled with inspirational pictures, colors, haircuts, style icons and everything I felt like without thinking too much. I love cutting and pasting aimlessly just to see how it all turns out in the end. [...]



by Elsa Termenon on September 10, 2010

This fall I am in the mood for all warm colors, from mustard yellow and orange to burgundy, rust, pink and red. The last one being a favorite since as long as I can remember. I used to buy so much red clothes (and I wasn’t afraid to dress in top to toe red!) that [...]


Happily ever after…

by Elsa Termenon on September 6, 2010

Last Saturday we went to a beautiful wedding set in a small village near the coast in Basque Country, Spain. The couple were so elegant! This picture does not do justice to the brides gorgeous dress, she looked like a goddess! I wore a 1960′s vintage silk dress, made in Italy. It might be one [...]


In My Closet: JOJO

by Elsa Termenon on September 5, 2010

Last time I visited Stockholm I took the opportunity to chat a bit to my friend Jojo to see what was in her closet and to hear what she is into right now. Watch this little film to see what she had to say!

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