About Elsa

I was born and raised in Sweden but was always drawn to India, where I have spent so much time in my life that it feels like a second home to me. (मुझे भी थोड़ा सा हिन्दी आती हैं!) Since almost three years now I live in Philadelphia, United States, together with my husband who is from Basque Country, Spain.

I have the privilege to work on a few different creative projects right now. In February 2011 I got my first academic book published which you will can purchase at Amazon. But as of now I’m working on my first novel (in Swedish) as well as writing articles related to India for a Swedish magazine. I also do occasional styling jobs. My interest in fashion, vintage and thrift shopping and playing around with styling outfits goes way back!

Styleabaad is a place where I can dream away and leave the stress and demands behind. I write about all the things that keep me inspired, like colorful patterns, dresses from the 70’s and turbans. I also write about the places I visit when traveling and things in my everyday life that I find inspiring.

xo Elsa