Sunset in Sedona

by Elsa Termenon on March 21, 2012

We came to the small town of Sedona in north Arizona in the afternoon and were instantly spellbound by the beauty of this place. Climbing up a small hill and seeing the sun set and cast a magical light on the red rocky landscape was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Some places has this quality of making me stop the constant busy blabbering of the mind and just purely enjoy the moment – this was certainly one of those places.

I was captivated by the beauty of these ombre hillsides…

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  • Kristina

    so gorgeous elsa! the terrain is just breathtaking! and i just love your sweater + hat ;)
    p.s. hope you are able to leave comments again? hope they cleared that up…

  • Elsa at Styleabaad

    Hi Kristina! I’m still having problems commenting… I loved your latest post, you look great and that B&b thickening spray is my #1 product as well! xx

  • Absolutely Mrs. K

    wow, indeed, those are like the perfect emo moments, just sitting there ane realizing how gorgeous nature can be 

  • TuvaMinnaLinn

    Ja alltså, wow. Kanske en av de vackraste platserna :)

  • sofia

    vilket fantastiskt landskap! och du smälter in lika fint som vanligt:) hur varmt är det på dagen?

  • Theas vintage

    Wow! Så fantastiskt vackert. Vilket underbart ljus. 

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