Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Lotion

by Elsa Termenon on March 5, 2012

I usually never have problems with my skin aside from dryness in the winter which is quite manageable. But when I got pregnant all these hormones were going completely bananas and I ended up with break outs like I hadn’t seen since my teens! I was devastated because I had no idea how to treat these spots that were popping up all over my forehead and around my mouth. I think everyone who’s ever had problems with acne understand the feeling, it just gets you down… But then I discovered Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Lotion and I was saved…ehm… my skin was saved!

This lotion (that I use every evening before moisturizing) helped me clear up my skin in a matter of days. Yes, already after the first night I could see a difference and after using it for a week my skin had visibly cleared. I couldn’t believe my eyes and I was so so happy! So today I just want to recommend this cream to everyone who has problems with acne and break outs, it really worked for me and now my skin looks even better than before since it also has evened out the skin tone and reduced redness etc.

 I promise you this post is not sponsored even though it might sound exactly like it. I just want to spread the word about this great product!

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  • Absolutely Mrs. K

    have to check it out because i have a problem with a greasy skin! my skin is normal but after a while it gets greasy! still haven’t found the perfect day creme… so maybe i have to check out the brand 

  • Kristina

    hey elsa! that’s so weird, my mom just got me the shampoo + body lotion! can’t wait to try it now because i do still struggle w. acne unfortunately. love this pic of you, happy monday elsa!!

  • Dawn {The Alternative Wife}

    Glad it worked for you!  Don’t you just love it when you find a product that works? And Paula’s Choice is a great line that not many people know about.  I had the pleasure of working with Paula on her line years ago. 

    Hope you’re having a happy Monday! :) xoxo

  • Elsa at Styleabaad

    Oh I’m sure you’re gonna love this BHA lotion then! I also have the BHA body lotion and it works so great too! Paula’s Choice really have some great affordable stuff! xx

  • Elsa at Styleabaad

    How cool is that, that you worked with her! I love her stuff, it’s really no fuss – no fancy bottles that costs a fortune, just great products that really work. I have a few of her products and I’m very happy with them all. Happy Monday to you too! xx

  • Elsa at Styleabaad

    This brand is not well known in Europe but it’s well worth looking into if you’re experiencing some greasy skin sometimes. I’m sure you’d love this cream. 

  • Dustjacket

    So pleased you found something that is so wonderful…well done!

  • TuvaMinnaLinn

    Ett tips är att vara väldigt försiktig i solen, mer en vanligt, risken att få fula pigmenteringar och melasma är ungefär dubbelt så stor under graviditet när alla hormoner är i rullning. Brillor, solhatt, skugga och SPF massor :)  

  • Elsa at Styleabaad

    Ja, jag har hört det…. det blir nog BUS om jag vill ha lite färg i år… 

  • Leles Fdez-Cañaveral


  • Elsa at Styleabaad

    I used the “lotion”, but they have changed the design of the products since I got mine so the one I linked to should be the same as I have. 

  • Emily Wedlock

    I am very pleased to come across your blog. Your posts had really become so helpful. Looking forward to more read from you.

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